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Our Story

The Naked Olive Lounge is a beautiful “speak easy” type of bar with an exciting menu, amazing cocktails and exquisite cuisine. Fine art and fun environment.

Our Menu

Small plates and sharables
Overstuffed Sliders & Sandwiches
Entree Salads
Gourmet pizzas


Our Customer Says

  • positive review Nice eclectic fun spot with delicious food! Excellent service!

    Jon H Leuenberger Avatar
    Jon H Leuenberger

    positive review Fast friendly service and great music ( I hope Acoustic Soul becomes a regular act) I definitely will be hanging out at the Naked Olive Lounge again.

    Kimberly Popejoy Muffley Avatar
    Kimberly Popejoy Muffley

    I haven't been to a lounge or bar after sundown very often over the last 25 years. That being said it was great, wonderful atmosphere and people. The decor and the staff were very pleasant and entertaining. It would be a wonderful night out with a date as well probably

    Vince Chinchello Avatar
    Vince Chinchello
  • The owners were so friendly and accomodating my food was great. Beautiful and happy place. I met some beautiful people there. Joan and Dave and stacy dugan and Larry Schutz. Everyone was awsome. Great time. Make a reservation go early stay late. Makes me proud im a fifth generation from... read more

    Patty Coleman Avatar
    Patty Coleman

    Needed this in Berkeley Springs!!! Amazing food!! Definitely will return!!

    Stephanie Dawson Mellon Avatar
    Stephanie Dawson Mellon

    positive review Everybody knows your name.

    David Holzel Avatar
    David Holzel
  • positive review Best service in Berkley Springs West Virginia!

    Jessica Crownover Avatar
    Jessica Crownover

    positive review The food was fabulous, atmosphere friendly

    Sarah Tierney Crowe Bleach Avatar
    Sarah Tierney Crowe Bleach

    Food is delicious! Have a new favourite way to eat a burger after getting the beef and crab cake sliders. Drinks are fantastic! They're delicious, but pack a deceptive punch on how strong they due to them tasting so good. Staff has always been friendly. I try to go there... read more

    Chris Fogle Avatar
    Chris Fogle

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